Twitter is pushing ‘everyone’ in advance ‘to prevent the rapid spread of election misinformation

Twitter has announced that it will begin canceling false information about the US presidential election in advance.

The social media site is implementing the so-called ‘advanced’ change a week before the vote.

The information will appear on the home page timeline as well as on the search page.

«# Election2020 is unique in the history of the United States. Starting today, with more people voting by mail and postponing the results, we will show you your Starter Program and search wishes to help you stay informed on these critical topics. a Twitter support account wrote a tweet.

Two of the topics in the tweet are “misinformation” about voting by mail and the postponement of election results.

“Election experts confirm that voting by mail is safe, even if there is an increase in postal ballots,” the postal statement said.

“However, in the run-up to the 2020 US elections, you may come across unconfirmed allegations that voting by mail has led to voter fraud.”

Yet two-thirds of American voters are concerned that the presidential election will not be fair, indicating that Trump’s continued attacks on public mailboxes have paid off.

A message about the possible delay in the election results reads: “With the increase in voting by mail, there may be a delay in the announcement of the election results.”

“This means that you may come across unconfirmed accusations that a candidate has won the race.”

Such measures are due to the fact that the results of the 2020 elections have not been known for some time.

Additionally, three troubled states, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, do not allow postal ballot counting to begin until Election Day.

Removing the results can take up to a week, assuming both candidates accept the result.

Twitter has already taken numerous measures against misinformation on its platform and the results have been mixed.

This includes “unconfirmed information about electoral fraud, ballot falsification, vote counting or confirmation of election results.”

“People trust Twitter for accurate and reliable information on how to vote and the latest election news, and we believe it is important that we make it easier for people to find that information,” he said.

“We also know that people can deliberately or unintentionally spread misinformation on these issues, and we have expanded our policy to address these issues.

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