The PS5 conference on June 4 has been canceled Sony denounces “systemic racism” in the US

Through Twitter, Sony has just announced the cancellation of the June 4 event in which I was going to present the PS5 and its first games. In a brief statement, the Japanese company simply announced that it does not consider this time “appropriate for celebrations.”

The PS5 conference on June 4 has been canceled Sony denounces the

Although he has not expressly said so, the One reason is the racial unrest that is taking place these days in the United States. This is not the best time to introduce the console and its highly anticipated exclusive games.

For the moment, Sony has not announced a new date for the aforementioned canceled event.. This is the tweet in which he confirms that he will postpone the presentation of PlayStation 5 that had been set for June 4:

Sony has just announced that it has purely and simply canceled (and postponed) its presentation of games for PS5, that the manufacturer was going to celebrate this Thursday, June 4 at 10 p.m.

The reason is very clear, the recent events in the United States: the current protests and other packages that are currently sweating in the US, after the more than controversial death of an African American, George Floyd, by a white cop.

We have decided postpone PlayStation 5 event scheduled for June 4.

Although we understand that players around the world are excited to see the ps5 gamesWe believe that this is not a good time to celebrate it, and for now we want to step back and allow more important voices to be heard.

With the events that are taking place in the United States, to protest against the death of George Floyd and more generally against the murders of African blacks under the #BlackLivesMatter, Sony listens like many other institutions, to make their voices heard and Make a Difference.

Four hours before this announcement, the American affiliate had also posted a message (above) denouncing this crime and more generally the “systemic racism” and “violence against the black community” that has been living in the United States for too long, with many unpunished crimes.

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