Mom, Kinder Egg Shares How Hot Chocolate Bombs Are Made And This Is A ‘Game Changer’

There’s nothing better than snuggling up on the couch as the nights get colder, making a good movie, and having a delicious hot drink.

But if you’re in the mood for more than just a cup of tea or coffee, a mom may have just one thing for you.

Charley Gumble used Facebook to get acquainted with the collapsed hot chocolate she created with Kinder Egg.

In the group, Charley, who sent in thoughts and ideas on how to lock up the family, took the toy out from inside and filled it with marshmallows and powdered hot chocolate, explaining how he created a hot chocolate bomb out of a Kinder egg.

The idea was shared on Facebook.

He wrote: “Hot Chocs from Kinder Eggs. Just open them, fill the toy with marshmallows.

“I also added a dollop of hot chocolate to it, then melted the edge a bit and put it in a good spot to fix with the kids.

“You can also add a tablespoon of Nutella.”

He also shared a video of him pouring hot milk into a Kinder egg in a mug.

Inside the Kinder Egg there is a marshmallow

The article quickly garnered thousands of viral comments and actions.

Someone called it a “game changer.”

Another said, “I’m doing this for the kids on Christmas Eve.”

The third wrote: “I have to buy a Kinder or 10 egg!”

Another replied, “It looks delicious.”

A different user added: “I have to do this!”

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