Molly Yeh’s 13 Best Recipes, From DIY Funfetti Cake to Scallion Pancake Challah

If you are a foodie, you will probably follow Molly’s instructions. The voice behind the blog My name is one And cookbooks Molly on the range Y Short stack yogurtAs well as the host of the food web The girl meets the farm Molly’s instructions with bright flavors, and often bright colors, attract devoted fans from around the world. No bragging, but I’ve been cooking on her blog for years, before the girl got to know the farm.

Luckily, he’s been friends with Food 52 for a while, so we’ve got some of his more creative recipes, including a gingerbread farm (wow!). For 13 Molly Yeh Instructions Heavy, Smooth, Bottom, Pastel Matte, Crisp, and Crisp – Don’t worry, that’s it Inconsistent foods! – read

Cool Instructions – Passed

In my humble opinion, there’s nothing cooler than a bathing suit-soaked popcorn. Oh wait, yes there is: roast potatoes bathed in the swimsuit with which the bunches Red pepper and vinegar.

This is a cake! This is a fraud! Both, and neither. Thanks to the chocolate and marzipan, this one begs to be sliced, roasted on both sides in salted butter, and eaten with a large Greek yogurt doll.

He has always sweetened his sleeves

My recipe for the birthday of any friend or family member, this cake tastes like a box, but it is only one type A little Best. And isn’t that what we want in this world?

“Jelly” overwhelms me as someone who has received a fair share of their Tepel chocolates disguised as Hanukkah gifts. But then I discovered this cookie and changed my tone. Because hazelnuts and chocolate are a great combination, I don’t have to use bad chocolate to make cookie jelly.

A black muffin in this matte pink cake meets a lofthouse muffin. Yogurt in royal star glaze is also welcome in any of my plain cakes.

You probably already have everything you need to make these sweet savory cookies, even if the flour is low. It’s just butter, sugar and salt A A flour, thank you very much

For a gingerbread house that you can actually eat, follow Yeh’s recipe and don’t forget the glue.

While I don’t have parties right now, I’m still interested in party hacks, especially when they include cakes. The trick here is how to just knead the dough (which honestly is what I’m looking for in dessert right now), as Yeh says: Done ‘.

Salty game snack: obtained

The only thing that lost the fluffy butter was a handful of onions and a pinch of sesame oil. The last time I made this recipe, I wanted to be alone with the bread. I am not ashamed to accept this.

Although you can buy cookies at grocery stores, there is no more flour, salt, and water; From there, gather other members of your family to help and collect the ingredients. Or if it’s just you, there’s never been a better time to overeat. Bridgeton, Or whatever people are seeing these days.

If I were to tell you how good corn dogs are, you probably haven’t owned one yet – a fact that should change right away. If you close your eyes while eating, you can pretend like you’re blowing up at a beautiful state fair … even if you’re in your boring apartment (like me).

For snack nights (maybe a no-brainer, but those are the nights you can’t easily eat a proper meal and instead want to graze for several hours), these Bacon Filled Cheesy Jalapeno Signs are a great one. option.

Another entry for Snack Night. Don’t beat a fried pickle you have! Or five, but instead of using batter to coat the pickles before dipping them in hot oil, use Yeh’s nifty trick: egg roll wrappers, to ensure a crisp texture.

Which of Molly’s recipes are you making this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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