Microsoft reopens Insider Alpha SKip Award

Microsoft has been around for a few years to allow any user to try out the various enhancements that come with their operating systems. The Insider system includes everything to come and many more bugs because it is part of past active development.

In fact, if we see a difference in days between the Alpha and Skip Ahead versions, it is usually the day before or a few days. Being upside down ahead of time allows you to test everything that will come as a new directory, although there are many versions without significant improvements.

The difference between Insider Skip Ahead and Alpha

Judging by the requirements of the rings, both elements will come in handy before they require an invitation from Microsoft. Of course, this does not mean that they are the same and that each person has a different target audience. Literally:

  • Alpha: Ratings will be released soon on Xbox One. We will have all the upgrades that anyone can use in a month or two.
  • Jump forward: It also includes future versions of Xbox One that may be linked to an impending release. Sometimes we have seen how they start to work in a version that will arrive in six months. So the internal changes will come earlier this year, along with all the rest activities.

Of course, they will have many errors due to the type of versions they are. Most of the time we did not see the problems that affect the console as such, or in some cases and as it has happened recently, it is possible to detect major flaws, such as when the commission turned itself off.

Answer the survey and wait for the response.

Due to the limited number of seats available, Microsoft should ask users based on their cost effectiveness. Ultimately, the goal is to provide the best type, so they need more ideas.

To give an opportunity to all those who are not yet part, from Redmond They decided to open a survey to see how many people have a true passion for these latest Insider rings.

To do this, all you need to do is connect to our Xbox One, open the Xbox One Insider Center, and find what it has to say. Join new rings.

Here it will ask you if you are interested in going to Alpha or Skip Forward. In case we are interested, we can choose which of the two we like. If, on the other hand, we are already part of one of the two rings, we can change if we are interested, or leave the position open in case we are no longer interested in being part.

If you are interested, this insider lookup will take a few minutes. Microsoft will send a message the next time the sites are opened. Any signer will not intervene, but if it is the last time, when they open the ring very quickly they will be able to choose.

What do you think?

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