How ALLAH Made Me The Owner Of His Private House | Zati Ghar or Gari K Liye Dua | Islamic Teacher

Hi Friends!! I’m here with this new video of How ALLAH Made Me The Owner Of His Private House | Zati Ghar or Gari K Liye Dua | Islamic Teacher

Assalam o Alaikum Brothers and Sisters ,This video summarizes something like this.
The video quoted a brother’s message as saying, “I have been living in Italy for the last 18 years. My family is big. I have been legalized here for about six years now. I came to Europe to take care of myself and my family.” I will change my life. But apart from giving a good living to my family and giving a good education to my children, I have not been able to build my own house yet. I spent the money I collected on my siblings’ marriages and education, then I got married and I want to come back to Pakistan now. So far we are all living in the same ancestral home but I know it will be difficult to live together more. I want to build my own house, with great difficulty. I have taken a plot of ten marlas in installments in the colony, now I want to build a house on it but the money is not in hand. Expenses are increasing. The demand of the family is also great. Tell me a tasbeeh so that Allah may have mercy on me and Let me succeed in building my house. I am 55 years old, it has become difficult to work harder.
Our dear friends, this is not a message. We keep receiving many more messages like this, who spend their entire lives in rented houses.
People work very hard in the desire to build their own house. People think that people go abroad for the happiness of their home bar and earn dollars pound riyals dirhams and become more prosperous than others but the reality is also That many Pakistanis cut their stomachs abroad and give up sweet sleep and work so hard that they can barely make a living on their own. For such people, building their own house becomes a dream. There are millions of people in Pakistan who do not have their own house and millions of them are trying day and night to build their own house and halal and haraam. It is a matter of fortune who will be able to build their own house in the world. Here, most of the lucky people are able to build their own house whose age is getting old. Youth spends its time in caring for household affairs. Those who wish to have their own home should keep on reciting this Tasbeeh. First and last Durood Pak three times and “Yarbat or Basit Yarbat Al-Alamin” three hundred and thirteen times daily after Isha prayers in the heart. Read and keep on praying. Insha Allah, the intention will be fulfilled soon, try to stay ablution and observe the prayers at the same time. Believe me, this is the deed that we have tried by ourselves. Allah has blessed him with a private home!

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