BBC reporter segment ‘sneakily ruined’ by the boys ‘fails the Matrix joke’

A BBC reporter whose television report was “spoiled” by pranksters praised his “glitch in the Matrix” stunt.

Joe Tidy, a cyber reporter, was filming a segment from Frankfurt in Germany last week when he was overshadowed by the youngsters in the background.

Unbeknownst to Joe, the two people, who appear to be small children, were caught casually walking backwards as he continued to speak, making the background appear to rewind.

It was only when he looked back at the edit that he realized what was happening behind him.

He took to Twitter to share the video and praise the children’s efforts, writing, “Kudos to the two boys who sneakily screwed up my best on-camera piece from a recent filming assignment in Germany.”

Young people walking backwards behind BBC News reporter Joe Tidy

He continued: “Honestly, I’m not even mad, this is inspired. I didn’t even see it even in the edit.

He later shared a TikTok video of the moment, where he used the soundtrack to Michael Jackson’s song Billie Jean in the background, as it also looked like they were doing the Moonwalk.

Since it was published, it has received almost 19,000 likes and has received hundreds of comments from people who labeled it as quality trolling.

BBC reporter Kasia Madera commented: “THIS !!! Did you edit? «

But according to Joe, he cut himself off when he replied, “Noooo! It is a serious story.

Another person said, “It’s like a glitch in the Matrix.”

A third said, “Okay, this is an amazing troll.”

Other people pointed out similarities to Christopher Nolan’s new movie Tenet.

The action / thriller film surrounds a secret agent who embarks on a journey through time to avoid World War III, where a series of scenes are shot in reverse.

One person said, “They have gone and made a Principle.”

And another commented, “Was Christopher Nolan directing this piece at the camera by chance?”

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