7-year-old boy abandoned by ‘bad attitude’ waits at the school gates to get his girlfriend

A devastated seven-year-old boy who was abandoned by his girlfriend for his ‘bad attitude’ was waiting at the school gates with a bouquet of flowers in an attempt to prove he was a changed man.

Harley Glenwright came home from school in tears after his first day in junior year after his girlfriend, Sophie Clancy, broke up with him.

It came as a result of Harley, who is being evaluated for ADHD and autism, losing his tempter to his new teacher, leaving his girlfriend of two years completely impressed with his behavior.

Determined not to lose her, Harley asked her mother if she could buy her some flowers and put on her favorite aftershave to surprise Sophie at the school gates.

He gave her flowers and a chocolate bar.

The heartwarming photos show Harley clutching the flowers and nervously waiting before classes started, but her ex was late and reluctantly forced to go in alone.

Fortunately, the plan came to fruition after the final bell when he was able to deliver the flowers, which Sophie agreed, declaring that she “loved him to pieces” and gave him a big forgiving hug.

Harley’s mom, Stefania Finch from Barnsley, said: “Harley plucked the flowers from my hand and gave them to her with a big smile. She gave him a big hug.

“People are really interested in your story online. They have been saying ‘let me know’.

“I have told Sophie’s mother Jacklyn that Sophie is welcome for a little play date.”

The couple met when Sophie joined the class two years ago and Harley talked about how much she was looking forward to seeing her again when the schools could reopen.

The couple is now back together

After telling his mother that he was upset that he had been dumped “because of my attitude,” the couple made a plan to give Sophie some flowers as an apology.

Stefania said: “We got to the store and he was very excited. He chose the specific bouquet of flowers because they had a rose and then he chose a chocolate bar.

“I asked him how he would like his morning to go and he said ‘well, I need you to set the alarm for 5 am’.”

Despite missing her planned early start and waking up at 7:30 a.m., Harley still had time to do her hair and put on some aftershave before leaving early to make sure she wasn’t missed arriving.

But Sophie was late and Stefania said, “I promised to bring [the flowers] back after school. I talked to Sophie’s mom about it and she said she would wait after school.

Sophie said she “loves him to pieces”

«[After school] he came running and saying “Sophie and I are back together, she gave me a hug and we are fine.”

“He told me ‘I’m going to try not to get madder at school.’ She is helping him at school.

After receiving the flowers, Sophie told her mother Jacklyn, “I love him to pieces,” and vowed to return the gesture.

Jacklyn said, “They are so sweet together. My heart completely melted. Blessed be her heart, wanting to do that for her.

I asked Sophie what happened [between them] and she said “well, he was a bit cheeky mom and I didn’t like his attitude so we broke up.”

«They were together again before [this]. I’m glad they worked it out between them.

“Sophie was very grateful for her flowers and chocolates. He said ‘I love him to pieces. He’s so nice and kind to me. ‘

“As soon as we got home, she said ‘Mom, put them in a vase.’ It has been the best thing that has happened to him since the confinement.

She praised Harley’s parents, adding, “In a way, he set the bar for her. This is how it should be treated.

«His mom and dad have done a very good job. If all men grew up to be like him, there would be many more happy women. He set the standard.

“I can’t get my boyfriend to get my flowers even on my birthday. Now feel the pressure.

“I said ‘come on, improve your game.’ He doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.

“Sophie wants to give him something back, like a toy or something.”

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